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Bedroom and wardrobe shelves and storage

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Make selecting your clothes quick and easy, by organising your bedroom wardrobe and maximising the available space with a CleverCloset custom designed storage layout.

With our experienced craftsmen, multiple combinations of options, consultation, design, and installation services, CleverCloset is a cost-effective choice for customising wardrobes in County Mayo and Dublin.

Why not get started organising your wardrobe now, by designing your own layout with our Project Planner.

The two main types of bedroom closets, wardrobes or cupboards are known as Reach-in and and Walk-in styles, and our layout systems are equally suited to both types.

Reach-in closets tend to be cupboards with doors, that you lean into to pick out your clothes or shoes, and the storage layout should present all of your items to view at a glance.


Walk-in closets are more of a luxury, and are often small rooms where more items can be stored. The potential use of the space is a lot greater and more flexible, with multiple walls to fix shelves and rails to, so you can sort and order your things just the way you like them.

When installing storage solutions where hanging clothes is the main purpose, we will often take advantage of the ClosetMaid™ SuperSlide® system, that has a sturdier rod for the extra weight, and allows hangers to slide without interruption.

New - We are now able to offer our wardrobe and bedroom systems in the Dublin area, covering Dublin 1 to Dublin 24 postcodes, in Northside and Southside Dublin.

For further information in the Dublin area please contact Padraic Duffy on (087) 9082301 or email directly to


You can organise your belongings into different areas using the various systems we have to offer:-

  • Short-hanging areas, for shirts, blouses, tops and jackets.
  • Long-hanging areas, for suits, trousers, dresses, skirts and coats.
  • Rows of shelves, for folding items like t-shirts, tops, jumpers, jeans, cardigans and wraps.
  • Drawers and baskets, for underwear, socks, shorts, scarves, ties, gloves and accessories.
  • Shoe Racks, for shoes, boots, slippers and runners.
  • Overhead shelving, for containers, storage boxes, handbags, suitcases, sports equipment and seasonal items.