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Garage and workshop shelf

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As well as providing effective wardrobe and cupboard shelving in County Mayo and Dublin, our flexible CleverCloset storage solutions can be applied to many other areas around the home and garden.

For equipment and hardware items, we will often take advantage of a wider ClosetMaid™ Close Mesh shelving system, that has a tighter grid to provide greater stability, while still allowing air and light to pass through the shelf.

Close Mesh systems work well as garage shelves for storing car cleaning products, tins of paint, tool boxes, helmets, safety gear, sports equipment and pet care items.

As workshop shelves, they can be tailor-made to fit around specialist equipment, benches and ducting, to support tools, materials, projects, work-lights and containers.


Make selecting your tools quick and easy, by better organising your garden shed and maximising the available space with a CleverCloset custom designed storage layout.

The Close Mesh systems can also be applied to any useful space in the home:- a small office or work area for filing and archive boxes, alcoves and under-stairs cupboards for generating additional storage areas, and more frequently to convert unconventional shaped dormers into more useful storage spaces.

New - We are now able to offer our garage and workshop shelving in the Dublin area, covering Dublin 1 to Dublin 24 postcodes, in Northside and Southside Dublin.

For further information in the Dublin area please contact Padraic Duffy on (087) 9082301 or email directly to


You can organise your belongings into different areas using the various systems we have to offer:-

  • Hanging areas, for garden tools, extensions cables, hose pipes, ropes, power tools, safety equipment, overalls and smocks
  • Rows of shelves, for tool boxes, projects, cleaning products, cans of paint, power tools, or even as light-duty racking for stock in small businesses and shops.
  • Drawers and baskets, for goggles, work gloves, hand tools, spare parts, cloths, attachments, projects, crafts and manuals.
  • Shoe Racks, for wellingtons, work boots and clogs.
  • Overhead shelving, for containers, storage boxes, seasonal items, sports equipment and camping gear.