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Laundry and utility room storage

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Make housework less of a chore, by organising and maximising the available space of your laundry room, utility room, hot press or under stairs cupboard with a CleverCloset custom designed storage layout.

Keep towels, bedding, throws, and winter clothes fresh by storing them with wire mesh shelving, that allows cool dry air to circulate freely around your linens.

Use long and short hanging rails to air your clothes after washing, drying, ironing or dry cleaning, for ease and convenience on wash day.

Stow cleaning products, tools and appliances away in drawers and baskets, to easily pick what you need and keep your storage space organised.

For hanging clothes in your laundry room, we will often use the ClosetMaid™ SuperSlide® system, that has a sturdier rod for the extra weight, and allows hangers to slide without interruption.


For storing smaller or flat bottomed items such as cleaning products, we have the added option of using a wider ClosetMaid™ Close Mesh shelving system, that has a tighter grid to provide greater stability, while still allowing air and light to pass through the shelf.

Our installations are practical, sturdy and durable, and able to withstand day to day wear and tear, so feel free to contact CleverCloset for a consultation about laundry room shelves in County Mayo and Dublin.

New - We are now able to offer our laundry room organiser systems in the Dublin area, covering Dublin 1 to Dublin 24 postcodes, in Northside and Southside Dublin.

For further information in the Dublin area please contact Padraic Duffy on (087) 9082301 or email directly to


You can organise your chores and stores into different areas using the various systems we have to offer:-

  • Short-hanging areas, for airing shirts, blouses, tops, jackets or even as a cloakroom.
  • Long-hanging areas, for airing suits, trousers, dresses, skirts and coats, vacuum cleaners and ironing boards.
  • Rows of shelves, for items like folding clothes, towels, bedding, throws, linens and sleeping bags. Stack and store cleaning products, toilet rolls, detergents.
  • Drawers and baskets, for smaller items, dusters, shoe cleaning kits, irons, pet care items or laundry to sort and wash.
  • Overhead shelving, for containers, storage boxes, suitcases and bulky items.